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A Dong…a Des Moines Vietnamese mainstay…

The only better thing than sharing good conversation with good friends is sharing a good meal while having good conversations with good friends. Tonight both happened at A Dong, a restaurant serving Vietnamese food located in the heart of Des Moines.

Twenty or so church friends who have been gathering together once a month for several years met at A Dong to partake in friendly conversation and a Vietnamese meal. The food at A Dong has never disappointed and tonight’s meals were no exception. The host/hostess treated our party extremely well with graciousness and caring, looking after our dining needs while not being overly gracious and caring. Everyone that I talked to when paying the bill had a pleasant experience and was looking forward to coming back to try the delicious soup or noodle plate or bubble tea that they had seen their neighbor eating. I look forward to my next return visit to A Dong.

IMG_1797    IMG_1802     IMG_1799

IMG_1804    IMG_1796


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  1. Reblogged this on City Farmer and commented:
    As always, read my dad’s blog about his dinner club in Des Moines, Iowa. He brings big groups out to support locally owned businesses. He creates a comforting space for people to try new things, bond with friends, and get to know small business owners in town.


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